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We are a creative design and production company based in Bournemouth & London with projects all over the world, covering a wide range of industries, for brands big and small.


Director / Co-Founder

C Sheng


Art Director /Co-Founder

Matt Saunders



Eric Vogel



Paul Wilkinson

Storm The Castle was founded on the belief that we would always challenge the establishment while simultaneously honouring our commitment to our clients and our partners. As a company, we are small, deft and playfully optimistic in a world that is anything but. We believe we can use imagination to solve problems, express ideas and shape the world. What we create defines who we are and communicates who we want to be.

The framework of our business and fabric of our culture are rooted in this belief — it's what enables us to continuously go one step further. We work closely alongside our clients so that your voice is heard throughout our process, using our experience and creativity to ensure you’re inspired by our work.

As a team driven by creative solutions, we're able to combine the business of commerce with sincerity, intelligence with what's relevant and big-picture thinking with detailed execution.


Our Services

Creative & Art Direction


Video Production

Animation & Motion Graphics

Digital Design



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