Client: Pearson


Concept & logo: Freemavens


identity: Together


copywriter: Serious Oomph


moving image: Nice and Serious


brand videos: Blueprint


campaigns: Mother


Art direction: C Sheng, oliver frenD, Ryan tym










The ambition behind the new brand is to unify Pearson’s portfolio of products and services under one master brand, distinguish Pearson from its competition and to drive global awareness.


Established in 1844 and originally a building contractor in Yorkshire in the North of England, Pearson has evolved into a company devoted to education, after decades of buying and selling various types of companies, including newspapers, television channels, and publishing houses (Penguin among them). Now, Pearson has positioned itself as the world’s largest and leading education company. With 40,000 employees in more than 70 countries, Pearson engages in a variety of activities that help people through education, whether “it’s through new digital learning products in the US, developing qualifications and assessments in the UK, training school leaders in the Middle East, teaching English in China, or educating professionals through content from the Financial Times”. 

The rebrand comes as Pearson looks to make a transition from being an educational print publisher to becoming a digital and services-led learning business. The new Pearson logo, developed at advocacy agency Freemavens, takes its form from an exclamation mark fused with a question mark to create a "thumbprint" 'P' character punctuated by a dot underneath. While the combination of question mark and exclamation mark is called an interrobang, Pearson has thus managed to fuse not two but three characters into a single ‘unit’ for its logo. The new logo represents a "combination of excitement, curiosity and individuality".


Logo Development